Texas Roots, Global Reach

Buckley takes great pride in both our Texas roots and our growing footprint. While we remain committed and invested in our home state, our newest facilities and growing fleet have allowed us to better serve Texas, its surrounding states, and beyond.

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The Cutting Edge

Buckley’s Midlothian and Mineral Wells bulk plants are two of the most state-of-the-art chemical distribution facilities in the industry, leveraging our storied history with the use of cutting edge technology. Our operations team manages both facilities with the assistance of a customized SCADA system, automating each process to enhance both efficiency and consistency.

Looking Ahead

In 2016, R.E. Dodson made the decision to move to Chairman of the Board, passing the President’s role to Robert Rice. Robert’s strong respect for tradition is paired with a commitment towards daily improvement and innovation. While Robert’s strategic responsibilities have changed, he continues to manage some of Buckley’s most critical vendor and customer relationships.

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